‘Our goal is to reach every  individuals needs and requirements’

In Japan, it is imperative to be able to communicate in English.
Not only for your personal knowledge, but for a global working environment,
There are people who can read and write in English, but don’t have the confidence and are very hesitant to communicate with foreigners.

At PRIMO English class, we will help you gain the confidence to be able to communicate on one to one basis as well as in the business working environment. We provide one to one private lessons, a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Our goal is to reach every individuals needs and requirements.

Most parents agree that it is very important that children learn how to speak, read, and write English at an early age, which in the long run, it will be extremely helpful in the future.

At PRIMO English, our contribution to the people of Japan and our community is to help people develop the self-confidence and knowledge to speak English fluently.

Edward Oscar Herrera







エドワード オスカー・ヘレラ

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